Real-eyesing Reality, with Kittens (2023)

This week, we have been cocooned in the stillness, interrupted with bursts of playful intensity. I’m feeling a seismic shift in the planes of reality and I’ve slipped off my wobble-board into the bottomless pit of doubt and uncertainty, more than once.

Maia and Mr Luigi arrived just before the eclipse. We made the decision to get more cats when the mice got too bold, sitting on the edge of the stove and tapping their little feet impatiently, waiting for me to finish cooking. They are too cute to kill and sometimes we feed them scraps, which is better than them eating the wiring, but still, it was time to call in the experts. Unfortunately, Lila prefers birds to mice and Shen, our other cat left home this summer. (Although she upped her game and ventured into the kitchen for a surgical kill, to show she is still in charge, just yesterday.)

An agreement between two people generates an overlap of energy fields, which forms a multi-dimensional vesica piscis, the real-eye of the Earth, through which her creative power pours, continuously shaping reality. What we see in the physical world are the effects of this action, for better or worse. So the kittens were on the way and a few days later, Dean ran into Hazlenut and he asked if we wanted more cats. Lila and Shen came from his farm, so Dean said, yes.

Only they weren’t his cats. He took Dean to another farmhouse, overrun with at least 50 half-feral cats, various dogs, sheep and goats. Dean managed to catch one kitten, a tiny fluff-bag of bones in the palm of his hand, while the woman scraped another one out of the mud, already half-dead and offered it to him, saying it was just thirsty. The rest of the litter must have starved to death, as they were only fed the minimum of dried food, to keep them mousing. Then the boyfriend came home and grabbed another cat by the neck, saying: this one is female. Dean decided to take her, as although she was a bit older, she seemed young enough to adapt and he needed to get out of there.

The woman of the house was still in her pyjamas and befuddled. Yet, sensing a moment of opportunity, something sparked up in her sorry carcass and she asked him to wait while she began fumbling around in a pile of blankets. Dean is from Minnesota, so he’s always polite until provoked and not easily shocked. So he waited patiently while the woman pulled a stringed pouch out from among the blankets, opened it and rummaged around, before pulling out a little creature and thrusting it at him, asking if he wanted to buy a marsupial. She had five of them. This is rural Galicia, what wires must have got crossed there to think that breeding sugar gliders to sell as pets is a good idea? An effect of too much eucalyptus, I think.

Maia and Mr Luigi are now occupying the kitchen, which is barricaded so they can get out, but the dogs can’t get in. It’s their safe zone, not that they are scared of the dogs, but it’s good to have a place to run to and a chair to sleep on, so we can relax.

Real-eyesing Reality, with Kittens (1)

Mostly, we don’t real-eyes what’s going on around us, not because we don’t have the right information, but because we don’t see with our real eyes. We focus on the shiny, reflective surface world. Our real eyes are the eyes of the Earth, as the physical orbs are in continuous resonance with the globe of the Earth and the iris with the plane of the Earth’s surface. Whether you see a flat Earth or a globular Earth is the effect of your own resonance and attention; both are real, one is not more important than the other and neither give you the full picture. It is, however, something of a clue that a sphere can never be real-eyesed on a flat screen.

The Earth experiences what we see through our eyes and makes her adjustments accordingly. In certain conditions, she can also project through our eyes via the vesica piscis of the pineal gland, so we see what she sees, with us and through us. This is how we all work, because we are all part of the Earth. Our senses (apart from the sense of smell) cause us to perceive everything as if it is something other, different, not us. This gives us the ability to make individual choices and to act with free will, which is a great gift with enormous power and responsibility, once you real-eyes it.

The lunar eclipse of 8th November, brought a range of parasitical entities to the surface, so they can be seen and washed away. Izzy, one of our dogs, broke out in nasty bout of mange, caused by parasitic mites that tunnel under the skin. I wanted to treat her with neem oil and she tried to slink away, looking at me sideways, untrusting. I wrote in last week’s post that I couldn’t force her and had to find a better way, but I didn’t go into the detail of what happened.

I didn’t know what to do to help Izzy and scanned my mind for help. The image of another dog came to mind, Dexter. In that moment, I felt myself expand beyond my body to a vast sea of awareness, although I was still conscious of my physical body, it was not the center of my being. From this perspective, I saw Izzy with my real-eyes. She was a constantly shifting ball of rainbow vortices, of different shapes and sizes, moving in and out of my vision. I real-eyesed her, as she truly is and I knew without doubt that her rainbow being would easily eliminate the parasite. It could not possibly be any other way. After that, I rubbed her belly with lavender oil from the garden and she recovered fully within a few days.

So, this is the time to talk about Dexter. He is a highly evolved being, who took the form of our dog from 2003-2014. During this time I real-eyesed, through his power, many so-called miraculous healings. This included wounds and tumours healing as I watched them, spines straightening, a slipped disc moving back into place, swellings and arthritis disappearing, teeth repairing themselves, and many more. This occurs via our innate healing ability that the Earth super-charges at certain times, through the action of a being real-eyesed as Asclepios in Greece, Imhotep in Egypt and Dexter when he lived with us.

The night sky is the mind of the Earth, in which she reveals what she is dreaming into our reality, through us. Tomorrow, the 21st November into the wee hours of the 22nd, Mercury meets with Venus, very close to Antares, the heart of Scorpion and under the healing power of Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer, aka Asclepios, Imhotep and Dexter. Mercury/Merlin and Mr Luigi, transduces energy from one form to another and Venus is the dream-body of the Earth, how she sees herself in her dream. From my viewpoint, she is revealing that the heart-fire is about to be released from its prison, the shell of the Scorpion. This will end the siege mentality we have been operating under for a very long time, which has prevented us from <accessing our own healing power.

Real-eyesing Reality, with Kittens (2)

On the 22nd/23rd, Neptune and Jupiter meet again in the heavenly waters, showing us that some of the thought forms, that have held certain structures in place on the body of the Earth and within our own bodies, are about to be dissolved. Our bodies are made of the Mother Matrix, water and minerals, fired-up by the Sun and our internal spiritual fire. My reading of the celestial events in the mind of the Great Mother are that the ‘siege’ of cellular theory, that has generated so many false ideas about something that can be attacked and therefore must be defended, is over.

What does this have to do with kittens? It’s the playful overdose of cute and the tenderness that they invoke that breaks the shell of the Scorpion, so the heart can feel the warmth of the Sun once more.

Welcome back Dexter, my love. Let the healing begin.

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