FF14 Best Ways to Farm Poetics (2023)

Tomestones of Poetics are one of three types of Allagan tomestones in Final Fantasy 14 that can currently be used towards various higher level weapons, armor, and accessories as well as pricier and rarer items great for crafting or selling on the Marketboard for a quick profit. The nice thing about these tomestones is that they’re useful throughout all three expansions, so you don’t have to be completely caught up with the main story to take advantage of trading in poetics. This handy guide highlights the top ten ways to farm for poetics, their limitations, and how much you can earn. Alongside of giving you several options for farming as to not burn yourself out, many of these methods overlap, so you can gain double the poetics by keeping an eye on two or three methods at a time.

10) Treasure Maps

Treasure Maps Guide

Eight of the eleven treasure map types lead you to a treasure that rewards you with various amounts of poetics. While not the most efficient or fastest of the farming methods, if you have a lot of treasure maps stored up from gathering it’s time to break them out. Two downsides to this method are the high gathering level needed to spawn these maps and the fact that only one map will spawn every 18 hours.

How it works:

  • Gathering as a Disciple of the Land at level 40 or above has the chance of finding a Timeworn Map of Archaeoskin, Boarskin, Gaganaskin, Gazelleskin, Goatskin, Peisteskin, or Toadskin, or an Unhidden Leather Map, all of which can reward you with poetics.
  • Decipher the map using the decipher action
  • Follow the map to the treasure location and defeat the enemy guarding it

9) PVP

PVP Guide

For players familiar with PVP, it can be a preferred method for grinding poetics. With Wolves’ Den matches lasting only 6 minutes and Frontlines lasting 15 to 20 minutes, you’ll be rewarded 20 poetics or 50 respectively.

How it works:

  • Must be level 30 and have completed the quests “A Pup No Longer” and “Like Civilized Men and Women” with your Grand Company
  • Wolves’ Den matches may be fought solo or up to 8 players at a time
  • Frontlines are longer matches with 24 to 72 players but reward more poetics

8) Beast Tribe Quests

Beast Tribe Quests Guide

By themselves, beast tribe quests won’t award a lot of poetics, but they can be a good way to gain a couple more poetics while you queue for a dungeon. You’ll receive 15 per quest and with the 12 quest allowance of the day, you can get a total of 180 daily. While not a massive reward, leveling up your reputation with beast tribes allows you access to purchase exclusive mounts and rarer items like dyes great for selling on the Marketboard.

How it works:

  • Beast tribe quests are available from the Sahagin, Sylph, Ixali, Kobold, Amalj’aa, Vanu Vanu, Vath, Moogle, Kojin, Ananta, Namazu, Pixie, Dwarves, or Qitari tribes.
  • Speak to the tribe’s quest giver for the day’s quests and accept up to 12
  • Great way to supplement poetics while queuing for dungeons

7) A or S Rank Hunts

Hunts Guide

Like PVP and the Beast Tribe quests, hunts are great for passing time and gaining a couple extra poetics in between dungeons, but on their own, they might not be as worthwhile if you don’t have a hunt party. A Rank Marks award you with 20 poetics but they can typically be defeated with a regular sized party or less depending on your level. S Rank marks award 100 poetics in comparison, but you’ll need several players and even multiple parties to bring down an S rank enemy.

How it works:

  • Accept the Mark bill from your Grand Company and search for the mark in the designated areas
  • Defeat the mark and accept your reward
  • Easy way to get poetics if you have a large hunting group

6) Palace of the Dead

Palace of the Dead Guide

Palace of the Dead (PotD) is a deep dungeon that requires players to fight through 10 levels of mini dungeons at a time and up to 100 total levels. Depending on your class level and the dungeon level you completed, PotD will reward you 10, 30, or 50 poetics. While the poetics payout isn’t the highest, PotD can drop expensive or rare mounts, armor, or items, and it’s a simple way to level up a secondary class.

How it works:

  • Register for a PotD run at Quarrymill with a preset party or queue for one
  • Rewards drop at the end of every ten levels, higher levels will reward more poetics
  • Great way to level a class, gain rare gear, and farm for poetics all at the same time

5) Eureka Fates

Eureka Guide

If you’ve finished Stormblood and are wanting to farm poetics, it might be worthwhile checking out Eureka. This instanced area spawns fates that, upon completion, can award up to 120 poetics depending on your level. The only caveat is that it may be more difficult to find large groups grinding fates in Eureka since it is part of an older expansion of the game.

How it works:

  • Unlock Eureka with the quest “And We Shall Call It Eureka” and contribute towards a fate for rewards
  • Quick way to farm poetics if you can find a group to join

4) Complete Wondrous Tails for the Week

Wondrous Tails Guide

You can get an easy 500 poetics by completing the Wondrous Tails journal on top of the poetics you obtain from the required dungeons. Again, like some of these other methods, this one needs to be used alongside of others and you’ll have to check every Tuesday if poetics are a reward for the week, but because it offers a nice amount of poetics, it’s good to keep an eye on the rewards when they change.

How it works:

  • Obtain a journal from Khloe Aliapoh in Idyllshire. It will list off multiple roulettes, dungeons, raids, or trials all of which give you one sticker for participating
  • Nine stickers in no particular order are needed to trade in the journal for 500 poetics
  • Focus on gathering stickers from dungeons that also give you poetics so you can double your gain

3) Party Finder

Party Finder Guide

Often, players will advertise poetics bonuses for their parties in dungeons on the party finder. Most of the time this is due to a new player bonus that awards the whole party with extra poetics when one party member is new to the dungeon. This bonus will award you 50 to 100 more poetics.

How it works:

  • Other players advertise poetic reward bonuses on party finder
  • Even if they’re not advertising poetic bonuses specifically, keep an eye out if they’re new players in need of a party for level 50/60/70 dungeons, and certain trials and raids that award poetics

2) Duty Roulettes

Roulettes Guide

If you’re farming for poetics, you need to do your daily roulettes. They’re an easy bonus reward of poetics on top of whatever amount you already received in your duty. Focus on the level 50/60/70 dungeon roulette and the raids roulettes. The dreaded main story roulette (ugh) is also an option. With no way to skip cutscenes, this roulette can take up to an hour, but it rewards you with 300 poetics upon completion alongside of however many you get for the dungeon itself.

How it works:

  • 50/60/70 dungeon awards you 100 poetics, normal raids award 80, alliance raids award 100, and main story awards 300
  • This bonus is alongside whatever the dungeon itself awards as well as a new player bonus
  • One of most efficient ways to farm poetics

1) Dungeons, Raids, and Trials

List of Duties Awarding Poetics

Running dungeons, raids, or trials is the best way to farm poetics as well as level up a character or simultaneously farm for other items. If you’ve already received your duty roulette bonus for the day, focus on dungeons that you haven’t completed before or main story trials as everyone has to complete those and you’ll likely be able to snag a new player bonus.

How it works:

  • Awarded from most level 50/60/70 dungeons, raids, and trials (check list to make sure)
  • Excellent when used alongside of Roulettes, party finder, and Wondrous Tails methods for bonuses alongside of new player bonuses

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