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These are the 10 Best Compensation Lawyers in Sydney.

For someone going through troubled times like an accident or medical negligence, unfair dealing, researching criteria to choose lawyers would be the last thing to figure on the priority list. To make things easier we bring to you a list of the 10 best compensation lawyers in Sydney who you can approach in times of need.

Sydney has many Compensation & Personal Injury Lawyers from which we have come up with a list using objective criteria like their google reviews, success rates, client feedback, years of experience, fee policy, and area of specialization. Finding the best compensation lawyer in Sydney is hard. What do you look for? How do you go about it? These are all questions you might have and we’re here to help. Taking into consideration your own background, we’ve created a list of top 10 compensation lawyers in Sydney to help you find one that will suit what you’re looking for.

1. NSW Compensation lawyers

They are the biggest law firm in Australia for the compensation cases. They have many years of experience in this area and they know how to handle your case to collect maximum compensation for you. Their personal injury lawyers will help you from start till finish, so they can make sure that you have a full understanding of your rights and chances of winning your case. Taking pride in exceptional customer service, they run claims on a No Win No Fee basis and offer 100% free case assessment by a senior lawyer.

They have decades of experience in Factory Injury Law, Vehicle Accident, Workers Compensation, Product Liability, Medical Negligence, Boating Injuries, Aircraft injuries, Psychological Injuries.

Many client testimonials confirm that they have demonstrated great ability to understand cases and guide clients step-by-step through the legal process. You’ve been injured in a Accident & need help fast? The first thing you’ll want to do is contact NSW Compensation Lawyers. Their team of personal injury Lawyers can be called 24/7. If you’re thinking about making a compensation claim, call their team of skilled and caring lawyers for FREE for expert advice. They will get to work on your case immediately.

Address: Level 4, 7 Secant Street, Liverpool NSW 2170

Phone: 0296010088

Website: https://www.nswcompensationlawyers.com.au/

2.Garling & Co Lawyers

Garling & Co. is a leading Sydney personal injury law firm. they have a strong track record in providing protection and compensation to injury victims. At their firm, you will receive the best legal advice because we are 100% committed to meeting your needs and expectations. The entire legal community recognizes Garling & Co Lawyers as one of the best in the compensation law domain.

Garling & Co has been recognized in both, the Recommended and Leading categories for Accident Compensation Law Firm and Personal Injury Law Firm by Doyles Guide. (Doyles Guide is a Ranking website listing the Best Law Firms after extensive online surveys, telephonic calls, and a face-to-face meeting with clients, peers, and other specialists.

They have also been awarded as the recommended Public Liability Compensation Law Firm 2020. This is where the personal injury lawyers at Garling & Co come in. They understand all too well what it takes to recover from a serious injury, and we can help you seek reparation for the distress caused to you or those close to you. Contact them today.

Address: Suite 1004, Level10, 46 Market Street, Sydney 2000

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Phone Number: 0285181120

Website: https://www.garlingandco.com.au/

3. AM Legal

Consider AM Legal for Compensation Law-related matters. They have expertise in Workers’ compensation law. They help you recover the compensation you are due, fair and fast. The Sydney law firm provides a free initial consultation for injury compensation claims including workers compensation and motor vehicle accident injuries.A capable legal team that knows the ropes and never loses sight of the bigger picture. Their lawyers know the in’s and out’s of dealing compensation claims with particular emphasis on unfair dismissal laws and ­­­contract terms related to dismissal .

Their services can be taken for legal compensation claims across various Schemes and statutory regimes. When Antony Mastrogiannis, the founder acts for workers compensation cases he receives government funding. Thus, he can provide free compensation services to workers.

They often have an open dialog with clients to devise winning strategies suitable to the case. They dedicated experts who can help you with any kind of accident compensation matter, including medical malpractice and compensation. If you are looking for an experienced legal team that can represent your case. They are available call them today.

Address: Suite 10, Level1/145, Forest Road, Hurstville, NSW2220

Phone Number: 029546 8835

Website: https://www.amlegalcompensationlawyers.com.au/

4.Kingsley Lawson Lawyers

Kingsley Lawson is one of the leading Compensation lawyers in Sydney. They are committed to achieving the best possible result for each client. To provide pragmatic legal solutions, Kingsley Lawson was founded in 2013 and was formerly named Compensation Partner Lawyers. This firm specialized in Compensation cases but found an exponential rise in Wills, Estate, and Property Law cases as well. To incorporate the new areas the firm was rechristened as Kingsley Lawson Lawyers. With years of experience, they have extensive knowledge in their area of expertise.

They have proven success stories of handling complex cases in the compensation law and have been able to secure maximum compensation for their clients. If you’ve been injured through no fault of your own, and need a lawyer who can bring the experience and expertise you’ll need to ensure you get the right compensation, then Kingsley Lawson have the lawyers and support staff that can help you.

Address: Suite 1401, 447 Kent Street Sydney NSW 2000

Phone Number: 1800 960096

Website: http://kingsleylawson.com.au/

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5. Maspero Legal

Maspero Legal is a Sydney-based law firm focused on compensation and personal injury law. They connect clients with experienced lawyers who have the expertise to bring their case to court and win. Solicitor Jeremy Maspero, the founder of this law firm is known for his human approach in providing legal advice.

Their compensation lawyers in Sydney are specialists in their field. They have the expertise and experience to guide you through your claim. Led by 30+ years of experience, Maspero Legal is open to putting in extra after-hours to meet you and is also available on weekends. On just for the timings, they are also flexible in their fee structures and can discuss the same based on the client’s situations.

They work alongside a team of dedicated paralegals, colleagues and staff who are dedicated to providing you with the best possible legal advice and representation. You can also visit their website’s Cases’ section to look at some of the interesting cases they have solved recently.

Address: Level2/7 Grosvenor Pl, Brookvale, NSW 2100

Phone Number: 0280523322

Website: https://www.masperolegal.com.au/

6.Beilby Poulden Costello Lawyers

They are among the top compensation lawyers in Sydney. Since its inception, they have been providing legal advice to their clients and ensure that they are satisfied with their services. They have a team of qualified staff who possess strong communication skills and years of experience in this field. When it comes to personal injuries like accidents, diseases, disabilities and other life-changing circumstances, you can rely on them for legal help. This specialist compensation law company has also been one of the most awarded teams of compensation lawyers.

Try out their No obligation Consultation to get a first-hand experience. They too work on a No Win No Fee basis.

Many of the lawyers in the firm are Accredited Specialists from New South Wales Law Society. They have undergone rigorous training and assessment processes to get accreditation which is achieved by very few lawyers in Sydney. You can contact them online or over the phone for a free assessment of your case.

Address: 18/201, Elizabeth Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

Phone Number: 1800431579

Website: https://www.bpclaw.com.au/

7.Law Partners

They are experts in personal injury compensation law, and have the experience and resources to help you recover fair compensation for your injuries. Their team of lawyers have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle and Wollongong and are ready to take on your case today. Starting with a partnership of just 2 people, Law Partners have grown to be one the largest specialty law firm for personal injury domain of law.

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Law Partners compensation lawyers in Sydney take on cases that other law firms have rejected or turned down. They believe every person deserves representation, irrespective of how complex the case may be. This is why they have developed a successful track record of achieving great results for people from all walks of life. You can speak to top personal injury lawyers from the team at no cost or obligation.

Law Partners have also joined the Choose Empathy – a Social campaign for encouraging people to be more empathetic. To be genuinely empathetic, one needs to be able to spend the needed time to understand others and act upon helping them.

Address: Level45, Citigroup Centre, 2 Park Street, Sydney NSW

Phone Number: 131515

Website: https://lawpartners.com.au/

8.Monaco Compensation

Monaco Compensation’s website proudly declares a Google Review score of 4.9 stars. And why should that not be? As many as 139 people have rated them highly for their professionalism, helpfulness, reasonable rates, and responsiveness. They have scored 98% success rates for their cases.

The team at Monaco is closely knit and puts their brains together to solve complex cases. Thus, you are never too far from the founder Leon Monaco, irrespective of who you select from his team. They have a team of solicitors who are highly trained and experienced in dealing with all types of compensation claims. They provide face-to-face services, including home and hospital visits if required.

Monaco also turned around cases where clients have switched over to them from other companies after experiencing a not-so-good service or a lower level of expertise. Monaco Solicitors are specialised in compensation claims. They are dedicated to helping injured people get the compensation they deserve. If you’re looking for one of the best compensation lawyers in Sydney, then contact them today.

Address: L5,75 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW2000

Phone Number: 1300769665

Website: https://monacosolicitors.com.au

9.Shine Lawyers

Shine’s Sydney compensation lawyers are based in the heart of the city and are dedicated to helping people suffering from an injury caused by someone else’s negligence. While they offer services Australia-wide, their team in Sydney regularly represents clients who have been injured at work, as well as those who have been injured on the road, or as a result of medical negligence. Shine Lawyers shine in their niche of Compensation Laws. They have successfully settled over 4500 cases recovering $450 million in compensation.

They shine in areas where others find it tough by winning some of the most difficult cases. They have a big team of experienced lawyers most of whom are accredited.

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They follow a No Win No Fee system for the cases they take. At a community level, they have Preventive Law programs for school, community, sporting bodies to raise awareness about the legal consequences of reckless behavior.

Address: Level 6, 299 Elizabeth Street, Sydney CBD, New South Wales 2000.

Phone Number: 1800752105

Website : https://www.shine.com.au/

10. Brydens Lawyers

Brydens Lawyers, formerly Brydens Compensation Lawyers, is a leading specialist law firm with offices throughout NSW. Their legal team provides an extensive range of services including compensation, employment, conveyance and family law to clients throughout the Sydney metropolitan area. Brydens Lawyers have been providing expert legal advice to Australians for over 40 years.

They provide free legal advice over a one-to-one meeting at their offices or via skype, zoom, and phone. They have versatile expertise in various fields of law. Proving Causation i.e. breach of medical duty caused the damage, is one of their specialty areas.

You can get some latest content on law delivered to you a few times a month, by subscribing to their newsletters on their website.

Address: Suite 316, Level 3,185 Elizabeth Street, Sydney 2000

Phone Number: 1800848848

Website: https://www.brydens.com.au


We often put complete faith in the medical experts for our treatment and it is devastating to get damaged caused by them. Often it is people who are meant to be caretakers like doctors, employers, etc who are the ones inflicting pain. It is very difficult to accept irreparably losses especially when they are caused due to no fault of ours.

It is in such circumstances that these 10 best compensation lawyers in Sydney can help you bring back life to normalcy. Often strict time limits apply to most cases in law. So do not waste any more time picking up the phone and contact the lawyers of your choice.


How much do lawyers take from settlement Australia? ›

The reality is that if you hire a competent lawyer, your legal costs shouldn't exceed 25% to 33% of your settlement. That's why in most cases we are able to cap our fee at 25% of the settlement amount if we do not have to file a claim in court.

Can you get compensation from solicitors? ›

Any solicitor can have a legal negligence claim made against them if they have failed in their duty of care. Whether they have provided poor legal advice or have not conducted their claim or transaction properly and, as a direct result, the client has suffered a loss, there could be a case made against them.

What is no win no fee solicitors? ›

A no win no fee agreement (also known as a conditional fee arrangement) allows you to make a compensation claim, with no financial risk and without paying any solicitors' fees upfront. You only ever pay anything if your no win no fee claim is successful.

How long does it take to get paid after a settlement in Australia? ›

Payment of the monies

However, that does not mean that monies will be paid within 24 hours. Usually, the Courts and most deeds will allow a 14 to 21 day period between receipt of the Centrelink notice and payment of the monies. If the monies are not paid by the expiry, interest will have to be paid.

How long does compensation take to pay out? ›

A claim can often take between 12 and 18 months to resolve – or longer if it is a complex case or if liability is disputed.


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